Applied history: as an engaged public intellectual, I am committed to the scholar-activism model of knowledge production. This kind of public scholarship that encompasses individual agency through activism, must, of necessity, involve not only academic research, but also advocacy for policy change, raising awareness and public education.

I am dedicated to making attempts at social commentaries on various issues through blogs and opinion pieces published on this website and elsewhere on the World Wide Web to these noble and worthy ends.

CAMBODIA: History and Memory, Contemporary Tensions and Conflict


FIELD STUDY REPORT CAMBODIA – For Rotary Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, Chulalongkorn University-Bangkok, Thailand, June 24th –September 17th Session, 10th -18th August 2008

Bangkok, 6:10pm: The plane slowly taxies on the wet tarmac. The sky is gloomy and in the distance, there is the blurred orange ball of the setting sun in the horizon against the foggy dusk of the city’s skyline. Soon, we hit turbulence in the dark cloudy rain laden skies with flashes of ... Read more...