From Moral Ethnicity to Moral Anarchy: The Colonial Ideology of Order and Political Disorder in Postcolonial Kenya


Generally, people’s attitudes, set of ideas, values, and beliefs, and how they conduct themselves and work for survival and reputation—their sense of purpose, and of being in the world—is determined by the ecological, socio-political and cultural environmental, and ideological circumstances in which they find themselves. Or, as John Lonsdale (2019) eloquently puts it, a people’s foundation […]

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Right to Right Historical Wrongs, Anyone?

Up to 5,000 Syrians from Kobani amass at the border with Turkey on Friday evening, next to the Turkish village of Dikmetas. On this day was the beginning of the exodus when 200,000 Syrian's, mostly Kurds, crossed into Turkey in 72 hours.

May be Yuval Noah Harari, in his masterful and thoroughly enjoyable book, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (2015) is right to say that “there is no justice in history.” Nonetheless, history bears eloquent incontestable testimony of numerous instances of all manner of callous injustice meted out on entire races of people at the hands of European white masters so-called “explorers,” immigrant-settlers.

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Think Again, Get Your Act Together or Simply Pull Out of Somalia Now


What the hell are we doing in Somalia? It has been proven yet again. Kenya’s Operation Linda Nchi  (Operation Protect the Nation) is untenable. A resoundingly humiliating fool’s errand if ever there was one. The time to withdraw the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) from Somalia is long overdue. While President Uhuru Kenyatta inherited this military […]

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Not So Fast, Ndii: Tell me, Where is the Light of Your Intellectual Candle?


I read Dr. David Ndii’s article on Saturday March 26th with great horror and disappointment. It was provocative in the extreme. You see, I have always respected him as a dependable, conscientious and expert bipartisan analyst with an experienced, thoroughly informed and conciliatory thumb over the pulse of Kenya’s political economy. Although he might not […]

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